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Glock 43 Does Not Disappoint

Glock 43 – Glock’s Single Stack 9mm Does not Disappoint!

By Dave Dolbee published on in Firearms, General, News

When two ideas come together to a form a new, the result can be earth-shatteringly good or a head scratcher that makes you wonder what the engineers were thinking and why no one on the marketing team stomped on the brakes. Fortunately, when it comes to Glock, we have come to expect innovation and attention to detail. The Glock 43 will not disappoint.

Glock G43 left side

As a single stack, super compact 9mm, the two Glocks that come to mind is the compact Glock 26 9mm and the micro-sized Glock 42 .380 ACP. From the outside at first glance, it would be hard to say whether the G43 more closely resembles the G26 or G42. However, it does not take long to realize the G43 more closely follows the lineage of the G42 in size and operation. Like all Glocks, the G43’s controls will immediately be familiar as will the grip.

By comparison, a tape measure will shows only very minor differences. A side-by-side comparison of the G42 and G43 will show the 9mm adding 0.25-inch to the length and 0.125-inch to the width. Fans of the G26 double stack will note that the G43 single stack is 0.125-inch narrower by comparison. That does not sound like much on paper and is only slightly noticeable in the hand. However, compare the two models in your waistband and you’ll feel a noticeable difference.

The size difference really matters when carrying concealed. As proof, the G42 drew a lot of criticism by shooters who were not fans of .380 ACP as suitable for self-defense. That being said, Glock sold about 200,000 G42s last year! Given the G43 is chambered for the 9mm and will handle +P ammunition without issue, it would not be surprising to look back a year from now and see sales of the G43 eclipsing the pocket-sized .380’s first year sales.

It is important to note that while smaller than previous Glock models, the G43 is not the smallest 9mm semiauto on the market, but it is the smallest Glock to be chambered in the caliber. The smallest may be the easiest to conceal and carry, but the same cannot be said when it comes to performance. In the hand, the G43 fits like most Glocks. It was designed for “medium” sized hands. As with other Glocks, sans the G42 perhaps, the grip is comfortable and the pad of the index finger naturally falls on the trigger. Accuracy at ranges the G43 was designed—concealed carry self defense—should not be an issue due to size.

glock 43 rear view black

Recoil is more of an issue for pocket pistols than most shooters realize. Sure, felt recoil is a pain and a necessary evil most simply live with. Of course, the smaller and lighter the pistol, the more felt recoil is typically felt. The same is true of caliber as a general rule —based on the load of course. On average, four rounds are fired during a gunfight, so recoil matters for second shot accuracy and speed. Early impressions of the G43 are more than favorable in recoil department adding to the excitement. While the G43 does have a little more bump than the G42, it does not have than would be expected when jumping up in caliber. Like all pocket pistols, this pistol is for defense and purpose built. That means you will not likely be as comfortable shooting a high round count as you would be a full-sized frame pistol.

During the initial media testing, the G43 was tested with CCI Blazer and Winchester’s white box FMJ. When all of the smoke has cleared, the only failure to fire was a bad round. The G43s preformed flawlessly with low dollar ammo, not the premium self-defense ammo most would expect to load in the pocket 9mm—that says volumes!

The G43 single stack carries six in the magazine and one in the pipe. Glock has promised to deliver a magazine in the near future that will bump the capacity by one additional round and add a pinky extension. Either way, the capacity is sufficient for a single-stack pocket pistol, and enough 9mm to get the job done when it hits the fan.

Simply stated, Glock has heard you and delivered the single-stack 9mm you have asked for. The G43 is going to fly off shelves so fast you’ll think it was a magic trick. Get yours quick!


Glock G43
Action Semiautomatic
Barrel Length 3.39 inches
Caliber 9mm
Overall Height 4.25 inches
Overall Length 6.26 inches
Overall Width 1.02 inches
Weight Unloaded 16.19 ounces
Trigger Pull 5.5 pounds
Grip Textured
Capacity 6 +1
Frame Polymer

Glock G43s are sure to fly of the self as soon as they land. What are you first impressions on the G43? Share them with us in the comment section.

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