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Range Memberships

Sportsman, Inc’s range is a pistol caliber range only. No rifles or shotguns are allowed at any time to be used in the range. We ask that all guns be checked in with the cashier before entering the range to ensure that no one is bringing in a prohibited firearm.



Our memberships are offered to individuals for the length of 6 months or 1 year and to families for the length of 1 year only. Here is the breakdown:

  • 6 MONTH INDIVIDUAL                 $90.00/YR
  • INDIVIDUAL                                     $150.00/YR
  • FAMILY                                               $170.00/YR
  • *CCSC INDIVIDUAL                        $119.00/YR
  • *CCSC FAMILY                                  $140.00/YR
  • **LAW ENFORCEMENT                 $150.00/YR


With the purchase of an Individual or Family Membership you will be eligible to receive certain benefits that are only offered to Sportsman Inc Range Members. The range membership entitles the MEMBER(S) to ONE LANE per membership with unlimited use and benefits for the duration of the membership.

Also, members receive a 10 % discount on the following item categories:



Sportsman, Inc does allow guests to come with members. However, we ask that it is not the same guest every visit. Also, all shooters must be 21 yrs of age or older with a valid ID. If the guest is under the age of 21 a parent or legal guardian must be present while shooting.


Each person applying for a membership, new or renewal, must present a valid state issued ID or driver’s license. If applying for a family membership, all individuals must present their ID’s at the time of purchase.

Family memberships are only valid for husband, wife and children over 21 living in the same household, which will be verified with a state issued ID or driver’s license. If the address of an individual’s license does not correspond with the membership owner’s address, he/she will not be allowed to partake in the membership and will need to purchase his/her own individual membership.  Also, with a family membership, the members are only entitled to one (1) free lane per membership and any lanes used beyond the first will incur a charge based on the current range lane fees per hour.

*CCSC memberships are only offered to those individuals/families who are already members of the CCSC club. Individuals/families wishing to purchase a CCSC membership through Sportsman Inc must present a valid CCSC membership card to qualify for the discounted rate.

**Law enforcement memberships are only offered to individuals. Any individual wishing to purchase the law enforcement membership must present valid credentials either from a law enforcement division or military branch at the time of purchase to qualify for the discounted rate

All shooters must abide by the range rules and regulations. Anyone not doing so will be asked to leave by a member of management.

Anyone, including range members, caught breaking any range rules, will have their membership revoked and will not be given any refund.