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Run The Gun Advanced Training Course


DES Training is proud to offer the advanced course Run the Gun on Saturday April 25th. This course the being taught by Heath Clevenger, who is a local LEO and competitor in 3- gun and police tactical.

Description: Run the Gun is a course designed to provide the student with skills through repetition for subconscious operation of the pistol. The student will not be thinking:

How to draw the pistol from the holster?
How to line up the sights perfectly?
How to do a proper trigger press?

The drills and repetitions will prepare the student so that their mind will be clear for tactical decisions:

Where is the closest point of cover?
When do I need to reload?
What is my backstop?

Cost: $225.00

Rounds: 800 – 1000

Safety is #1 – If you cannot handle a gun safely than you will be asked to leave with no refund!

Please contact DES Training for more information and to sign up for the class.