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SC Deer Limit Bill Proposal

Deer cross a snow-covered gravel road. South Carolina lawmakers are proposing a bill that would limit deer hunting for the first time in South Carolina.


— Sen. Chip Campsen III is doing his part in the South Carolina Legislature to help overhaul the Palmetto State’s antiquated hunting laws on white-tailed deer.

Campsen, chairman of the Senate’s Fish, Game and Forestry Committee, is one of two main sponsors of a bill that proposes a limit for bucks shot.

Campsen and Ross Turner, R-Greenville, sponsored the bill, which was unanimously approved by a subcommittee Thursday and is expected to be on the agenda Wednesday before the full Fish, Game and Forestry Committee.

“South Carolina is the only state in the nation without any limit at all (on bucks), so it’s a great thing on many fronts,” said Campsen, R-Charleston. “I hope it will help … young deer who haven’t reached their prime grow into those trophies you can be proud of.”

Campsen is familiar with the issue he is taking on with the bill. He manages land in the pristine ACE Basin area between Charleston and Beaufort, where he hunts deer and turkey, among other things.

If put into law, the bill would establish a limit of four bucks and four does per hunter per year, with the fee for the eight total tags under the new tagging program set at $15 for South Carolina residents and $30 for non-residents. The tags would only be valid on properties not enrolled in the Deer Quota Program.

Currently, only the state’s two Upstate game zones have a limit on bucks: five per season. The other four game zones, in the Midlands and along the coastal plain, have never had a buck limit.

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